Wesley Allen Iron Furniture

With over 40 years of expertise and a historic track record for superior quality, Wesley Allen is the leading manufacturer and designer of expressive and eclectic iron furniture. Their handmade designer iron furniture offers a durability and versatility unmatched by wood and other materials - making it a statement piece in your home. Wesley Allen has a commitment to historic quality standards, innovative designs, exceptional product lines and the environment.

By adapting and streamlining their process, they continue to deliver affordability without sacrifice to quality and aesthetics. Wesley Allen remains the pioneer of iron furniture manufacturing by maintaining timeless standards founded in the principles of American craftsmanship. Their skilled craftsmen and state of the art technology ensure each piece is unique and carefully hand crafted to create furniture of the highest quality and style.

Wesley Allen Avery Iron Bed
Wesley Allen Avery Surround Iron Bed
Wesley Allen Aberdeen Iron Bed
Wesley Allen Abington Iron Bed
Wesley Allen Braden Iron Bed
Wesley Allen Chelsea Iron Bed
Wesley Allen Brookshire Iron Bed
Wesley Allen Danville Iron Bed