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Pacific Green Nomad Carver Rustic Dining Chair


The Nomad Carver chair is a timeless design with rustic character and unique styling. A minimalist metal base supports the ergonomic seat of molded latex. Upholstered in Aged Bark, this alluring leather has a waxy hand that is both sophisticated and rugged. The seatback is formed of sculpted metal, wrapped in waxed chocolate leather and then exposed to high heat as it is molded to form. This process results in a special finish that brings out the unique character markings and tones of the molded leather.

Additional details include the hammered Egyptian bronze arms and palmwood sticks along the seatback. A comfortable frame with good back support, the Nomad is finished with Thunder Merino fleece for added comfort.

Leathers and hides may have natural markings which add character to the piece and, since no two are alike, may vary.

Furniture is made to order. Sorry, no returns.

1. You must be present at the time of delivery.
2. The goods must be opened immediately while the freight carrier is on site in order to reveal concealed damages.
3. Do not sign Bill of Lading before checking for damages. If severely damaged, DO NOT SIGN, refuse.
4. Once the Bill of Lading is signed, the manufacturer and Western Passion are not responsible for freight damages. It is then the responsibility of the customer to file a claim with the shipper.
5. Please allow approximately 15-18 weeks delivery.

Overall Dimensions: 29H x 27W x 24D