Pacific Green Brindle Navajo Arm Chair

Pacific Green Brindle Navajo Arm Chair

Code: USGR-221-16

$4,721.00 MSRP: $5,365

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Navajo is a thoughtful reinvention of the classic club chair. Brindle cover is a from Brazilian hair on hide that adds a rustic elegance to the design. The distinctive upholstery pattern has been hand stitched to replicate traditional Navajo leather work. Contrasting waxed chocolate leather is stretched across the back of the frame under Palmwood ribs fastened by metal wire bindings wrapped in leather. Artisan craftsmen have adopted this authentic technique that originates from the canoes of the Native American Nations where back skins were stretched over and lashed to wooden frames. Engineered for comfort, the Navajo Armchair features soft curves, a substantial seat and pronounced lumbar support because good posture has a great influence on a persons general well being.

Leathers and hides may have natural markings which add character to the piece and, since no two are alike, may vary.
Distinctive and exotic, our Pacific Green collection has a contemporary look of rustic and lodge furniture. Inspired by Australian designer, Bruce Dowse, all pieces are handcrafted and constructed to enhance structural strength and ergonomically engineered for amazing levels of comfort. Palmwood, known for its exceptional hardness and strength, is 100% ecologically sustainable and offers a rich natural grain that offers a warm feeling for any space.