Western Sofas & Loveseats

No matter your style our exciting new western sofa & loveseat designs will fit right in. We offer refined western leather sofas and loveseats that go beyond cowhide and studs. Our unique western style sofas focus on great details like hand tooled leather, exotic hides and carved wood. Each western sofa and loveseat is made to order using high quality materials by talented craftsmen. Most of our western sofas and loveseats can also be customized to meet your specifications.

Eleanor Rigby Conversation Leather Sofa
The Drifter Western Leather Sofa
Creek Comfort Leather Sofa
Eleanor Rigby Burke Leather Sofa
Browning Western Leather Sofa
Old West Tobacco Sofa
Western Leather Allure Sofa 33
Sand Branch Western Curved Leather Sectional
Old Hickory Tannery Aqua Croco Accented Sofa
Old Hickory Tannery Pine Leather Tufted Sofa
Old Hickory Tannery Boundary Trail Sofa
Coburn II Western Love Seat
Wooded River Burly Milady Western Sofa
Old Hickory Tannery Big Easy Western Sofa
Massoud Mont Blanc Wolf Leather Sofa
Massoud Mont Blanc Dove Leather Sofa
Western Sofa The Legend
Turquoise Trail Leather Sofa
Ridgway Sofa

Ridgway Sofa


Ridgway Curved Sofa
Wooded River Burly Bourbon Western Loveseat
Massoud Contemporary Western Leather Sofa
Massoud Oyster Leather Sofa
Massoud Citation Leather Sofa
Eleanor Rigby Heartland Leather Sofa
Turquoise Trail Leather Settee
Western Style Leather Loveseat 6628
Sorrel Saloon Western Loveseat
Coburn Western Loveseat
Eleanor Rigby Canyon Leather Sofa
Eleanor Rigby Sussex Leather Sofa
Massoud Iron Western Leather Sofa
Massoud Glow Western Leather Sofa
Massoud Berkshire Smoke Leather Sofa
Wooded River Burly Bourbon Western Sofa
Fireside Lodge Cedar Log Frame Loveseat
Fireside Lodge Cedar Log Frame Sofa
Monticella Studio Sofa
Monticella Chesterfield Sofa
Eleanor Rigby Metropolitan Leather Sofa
Arroyo Conversational Western Sofa
Wooded River Burly Birch Western Loveseat
Texarkana Western Sofa
Grey Rivers Tufted Love Seat
Massoud Journey Leather Sofa