Western Floral Arrangements

In keeping with the upscale rustic nature of the products offered on Western Passion, we are excited to present our new line of permanent botanicals. You'll find stunningly creative arrangements using exotic florals, natural feathers and genuine horns and antlers. Each will add colorful texture to your room setting whether you select a table top design or wall piece.

Rustic Floral Centerpiece
Large Double Horn Arrangement
Floral and Antler Table Arrangement
Wall Mount Horn Arrangement
Double Horn Wall Arrangement
Vertical 3 Horn Arrangement
Log Container Floral Arrangement
Rust and Turquoise Floral Wall Arrangement
Red Floral Wall Arrangement
Birch Log Floral Arrangement
Horn and Flower Mantlepiece
Horn and Floral Centerpiece
Artichoke and Antler Floral Arrangement
Multiple Horn Arrangement
Floral and Horn Wall Arrangement
Hyacinth Bouquet
Orchid Bud Vases, Set of 2
Silk Magnolia Accent
Peony Bouquet

Peony Bouquet


Potted River Birch
Kitchen Herbs, Set of 4
Silk Centerpiece
Hydrangea Bouquet



Fern Centerpiece
Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant
Ruby's Plant Stand