Western Briefcases and Luggage

Western briefcases and Western luggage in rich hand tooled leather, available for men and ladies. These Western leather cases will last through years of wear and tear. You want your Western style briefcase and luggage to be functional and you will be impressed with how well these cases organize papers, files, phones and other business accessories. Several styles are specifically designed as laptop western briefcases and others are practical for large files. Luggage includes boot bags and rolling style bags. No matter how hard you make them work, your Western case will look its best with unique hand tooling and quality leather.

You can choose from a variety of styles including portfolios, tote bags and traditional style Western briefcases. Many have detachable shoulder straps.

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Lap Top Briefcase 910
Multi Compartment Stagecoach Briefcase
Brown Stagecoach Tooled Briefcase
Boot Carry Bag 736
Zip Around Rodeo Bag 721
Duffel Bag 739

Duffel Bag 739


Mens Dop Shave Kit 264
Hand Tooled Black Leather Tote
Hand Tooled Leather Tote
Amber Weekender
Brooke Weekender
Delta Weekender
Eliza Weekender
Ellis Weekender
Kayla Weekender
Kendall Weekender
Elisha Weekender
Lanai Weekender
Lea Weekender

Lea Weekender


Madison Weekender
Romy Weekender
Ryn Weekender

Ryn Weekender


Skyler Weekender
Tabitha Weekender
Western Carry On Luggage
Western Briefcase Brown
Western Briefcase Tan
Western Briefcase Natural
Chocolate Brown Leather Briefcase
Black Boot Bag
Brown Boot Bag
Brown Leather & Turquoise Boot Bag
Oiled/Waxy Canvas Garmet Bag
Oiled/Waxy Canvas Medium Laptop Sleeve
Oiled/Waxy Canvas Trifold Toiletry Bag
Oiled/Waxy Canvas Messenger Briefcase Bag
Oiled/Waxy Canvas Duffel Bag
Oiled/Waxy Canvas Wheeled Carryon Bag
Oiled/Waxy Canvas Large Roller Bag
Oiled/Waxy Canvas Backpack
Cosmetic Case - Sand 2152
Cosmetic Case - Brown 2785
Zip Around Smart Briefcase 4315
Cosemetic Case - Sand 5552
Cosmetic Case - Turquoise 5578
Cosmetic Case - Charcoal Brown 5583
Cosmetic Case - Brown 5585
Cosmetic Case - Turquoise 7316