Julio Pagliani Beaded Jewelry

Horse design jewelry, unique color beads and the simple beauty of nature is what inspires the creations in the Julio Pagliani Collection. The village of Norogachi, deep in the heart of Mexicos Sierra Madres, is the source for these distinctive western beaded jewelry designs where the local people, without having to leave their homes and families, earn a living creating each magnificent piece. They use glass beads from Central Europe and Japan. Thousands of beads are used to make each necklace, taking up to 3 days to complete. The finished piece of jewelry is a one of a kind work of art with beauty, strength and longevity.

The many different styles are designed to be worn in a variety of ways. The longest strand, 33 inches, can be worn as a necklace, doubled as a choker or wrapped around the wrist to create a stunning bracelet. They are also available in shorter lengths and bracelets. Each has unique hand crafted sterling clasp, designed by Mexican artist, Xio.

Piebald Western Jewelry
Pinto Western Jewelry
Texas Racer Necklace
La Cruz Turquoise
Full Moon Turquoise Jewelry
Silveretto Petrified Wood Jewelry
Silveretto Turquoise Jewelry
Golden Pearl Caballo Jewelry
White Pearl Caballo Necklace
Grey Pearl Caballo Necklace
White Pearl Caballo Bracelet
Pagliani Elipse 9320