Copper and Iron Pub Table 203

Copper and Iron Pub Table 203

Code: MC-70-203


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Hand forged iron bar table in woodsy branch design with hand crafted copper or natural marble top, is available in two heights. The black iron is blacksmith built and every hammer blow brings a specific signature of the craftsman. A natural process and recycled material is used to create the handcrafted copper top. Worked the old way, each is hammered by hand, heated and again hammered around a wooden core. The heat creates the blackened character, different with each piece. 
Marble tops are cut from natural stone. Flaws and seams are natural and should be anticipated and appreciated as part of the natural beauty of this organic product. We cannot accept returns for stone tops based on color or natural flaws.

Specific product information regarding the copper top:
The surface of the copper is waxed to protect the copper and periodic waxing with Briwax is recommended as needed. We cannot guarantee any specific finish considering the natural forces involved. Some pieces will be blacker and others will have more red coloration. Any top over 36" will have a fused seam.