Copper and Iron Dining Table

Copper and Iron Dining Table

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A wrought iron base is made of three-quarter inch solid square stock to create this beautiful dining table. The design of the dinette’s base flares at the top and narrows at the base, permitting ample leg room. Materials: Base: Wrought Iron; Top: Shown with Oxidized Coppertop.

Care of iron base and copper top:
Copper table tops are hand hammered to produce a dimpled surface. The copper is fired, giving an individual finish in reddish and black patina. The copper is then wrapped around and glued to a plywood base. The copper is protected with multiple coats of acrylic lacquer and do not change color over time. Use a coaster to prevent rings caused by moisture. Use trivets under hot dishes. Wipe up any spills as soon as possible. Do not use cleaners that contain bleach, ammoinia or acid.

The metal base is made by hand by Mexican blacksmiths. Each piece of metal is heated using a traditional charcoal fire. It is then hand hammered on an anvil and carefully crafted to form the unique base. Base is painted in a dark rust brown finish. To make it shine, you can use Armor All to clean the metal.