Western Wallets and Clutches

Western wallets and Western clutch purses offer style, convenience and and fashionable organization. Choose from American West styles that match our American West Western handbags, double and tri fold styles, hipster wallets and grab and go styles with a detachable strap. Lots of leathers and colors.

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Charcoal Brown Ladies' Tri-Fold Wallet
Crimson Ladies' Tri-Fold Wallet
Crossed Arrows Ladies' Tri-fold Wallet 5282
Crossed Arrows Ladies' Tri-fold Wallet 3282
Crossed Arrows Ladies' Tri-fold Wallet 9282
Blue Ridge Ladies' Tri-fold Wallet 3282
Saddle Ridge Ladies' Tri-fold Wallet 5282
Sacred Bird Ladies' Tri-fold Wallet 3282
Tri Fold Western Wallet 6678
Tri Fold Western Wallet 6685
Folded Wallet - Chestnut Brown 9985
Folded Wallet - Golden Tan 7815
Folded Wallet - Chestnut Brown 7885
Folded Wallet - Chestnut Brown 7870
Folded Wallet - Sand 7852
Folded Wallet - Black 4120
Folded Wallet - Distressed Charcoal 9983
Turquoise Lace Tri Fold Wallet
Tri Fold Wallet 9165
Tri Fold Western Wallet 5915
Boyfriend Bi Fold Wallet 2920
Boyfriend Bi Fold Wallet 2970
Baroque Tri Fold Wallet 6083
Baroque Tri Fold Wallet 6052
Baroque Tri Fold Wallet 6085
Tri Fold Western Wallet 4138
Tri Fold Western Wallet 6650
Desert Wildflower Tri Fold Wallet 5615
Kachina Spirit Sand Ladies' Tri-fold Wallet
Chestnut Brown Ladies' Tri-Fold Wallet
Adobe Allure Ladies' Tri-fold Wallet
Small Tri Fold Western Wallet 2985
Small Tri Fold Western Wallet 2978