Western Lamps

Western lamps can complete the design of your room and add a touch of western style. Want to improve your rooms look and feel? We offer western lamp styles for your bedroom, living room, study or anywhere else you could place a rustic western lamp. We have lamps & sconces with rawhide shades, hand-painted porcelain and iron lamp designs.

Tequila Stave Lamp
Iron Lamp With Turquoise Crosses
Iron Lamp With Crosses
Hand Painted Aged Lamp
Neutral Hand Painted Lamp
Rustic Iron Buffet Lamp
Horse Shoe and Rawhide Lamp
Forged Iron Lamp 007
Forged Iron Lamp 008
Rawhide Accent Lamp
Desert Lamp Collection 182WO
Pacific Green TeePee Floor Lamp
Pacific Green Navajo Floor Lamp
Pacific Green Messina Floor Lamp
Red Wooden Boat Floor Lamp
Red 2 Paddle Table Lamp
Desert Lamp Collection 188
2 Paddle Floor Lamp
Trout Scene Table Lamp
Rustic 3 Fishing Pole Table Lamp
Small Square Canoe Table Lamp
Bear Family Canoe Table Lamp
Black Wooden Boat Floor Lamp
Green Wooden Boat Table Lamp
Red Wooden Boat Table Lamp
Iron Fly Pole Floor Lamp
2 Tree and Bear Table Lamp
3 Trees and 2 Bear Table Lamp
Sitting Bear Table Lamp
Wildlife Table Lamp
2 Tree and Bear Floor Lamp
Bears Roasting Table Lamp with Night Light
Bear in Tree Scene Table Lamp
Rectangle Cubs in Canoe Table Lamp
Pyramid Table Lamp with Bear Shade
Desert Lamp Collection 205AB
2 Tree and Bear Bridge Floor Lamp
Bear Family in Canoe Table Lamp
Bear in Innertube Table Lamp
Honey Bear in Stump Table Lamp
Mini Bucket of Pine Cones Accent Lamp
Burlap Bag of Pine Cones Table Lamp
Desert Lamp Collection 225
Mini Bucket of Pine Cones
Ginger Jar with Pine Cone Shade