Western Lamps

Western lamps can complete the design of your room and add ambiance. Here you can choose outstanding western lamp styles for your bedroom, living room, study or anywhere you want a great rustic western lamp to improve your rooms look and feel. We have lamps and sconces with rawhide shades, hand painted porcelain, and iron designs.

Arisa Table Lamp
Slate & Copper Table Lamp
Slate & Copper Accent Lamp
Malik Wood Oval Lamp
Iron Table Lamp Botanica
Iron Table Lamp Cathedral
Iron and Amber Castile Lamp
Aged Red Rustic Lamp
Aged Turquoise Porcelain Lamp
Forged Iron Table Lamp
Forged Iron Floor Lamp
Iron Lamp Barcelona Blessing
Iron Table Lamp Malaga
Iron Table Lamp Corsica
Iron Table Lamp Florence
Iron Lamp Fleur De Lis
Faux Stag Horn Lamp
Dark Faux Stag Horn Lamp
Hand Cast Lamp First Run
Hand Cast Lamp Mare and Foal
Hand Cast Lamp Rearing Horse
Hand Cast Lamp Circle the Wagons
Hand Cast Lamp Bull
Hand Cast Lamp Bear
Hand Cast Lamp Grizzly
Hand Cast Lamp Horse Head
Hand Cast Lamp Cowboy and Doggie
Hand Cast Lamp Sierra Madre
Bronco Western Lamp
Iron Lamp with Southwestern Shade
Iron Lamp with Cross Shade
Peek A Bear Lamp
Decorative Arrow Lamp
Navajo Inspired Design Lamp
Ride Em Cowboy Lamp
Rustic Stick Bundle Lamp
Iron Floor Lamp with Cross Shade
Horse Scroll Table Lamp
Decorative Arrow Floor Lamp
Fire Brick Rustic Lamp
Ride Em Cowboy Floor Lamp
Stick Bundle Floor Lamp
Painted Horse Shade Lamp
Southwest Cactus Lamp
Distressed Red Lamp
Horse Urn Lamp with Concho Shade
Distressed Black Lasso Lamp
Rustic Relic Accent Lamp