Western Interiors

Helping you find inspiring ideas for decorating your western-style home.

Hacienda Style Furnishings & Decor

Hacienda style furnishings and decor feature Spanish inspired materials and elements. Old world charm. Authentic, sturdy, and durable materials. Dark, warm neutral base colors with added splashes of vibrant color.

The types of items you're looking for are wrought iron furnishings, hand carved wood, rustic finishes, tooled leather, formal and elegant furniture, solid wood, ceramic vases and pots. All products we offer here at WesternPassion.

Western Living Room Ideas & Inspiration

If you're thinking of decorating your living room using a western style, but need some inspiration, look no further! We know how hard it is finding western furniture pieces and accessories that fit that very specific image you have in your head (maybe so specific it borderlines on slightly obsessed). We will help you with BOTH finding inspiration and ideas for western furniture and western-style accessories, and every piece we include we also sell. Does it get any better? We'll provide you with both ideas, and you can actually buy these ideas. So here goes...

Luxury Mountain Lodge Style Furniture, Design & Decor

More than anything luxury lodge and mountain furnishings are defined by comfort. The relaxed and warm feelings can be achieved through materials, finishes, and textures. Mountain lodges bring the outdoors inside by incorporating organic and natural materials indoors. Living areas are centered around outstanding views and warm hearths. Cozy- like a home away from home.