Western Bars, Barstools & Bar Tables

Western bars and barstools that will put you on top of the action. At the breakfast bar or for an evening cocktail, these western barstools will assure the best seat in the house. Each barstool has a true western feel and unique personality. Choose your rustic barstool from styles with or without backs, swivel, square and round shapes, leather, cowhide, iron and wood.

Axis Hide Barstool

Axis Hide Barstool


Maricopa Barstool

Maricopa Barstool


Axis Hide Tufted Pecan Barstool
Pima Barstool

Pima Barstool


Rock Island Ranch Western Leather Barstool
Sierra Leather Barstool
Cardinal Barstool Set of 2
Imperial Barstool Set of 2
Heritage Barstool with Back Set of 2
Fargo Leather Swivel Barstool
Sierra Caramel Leather Swivel Barstool
Arroyo Barstool

Arroyo Barstool


Heritage Teal Barstool with Back Set of 2
Heritage Red Barstool with Back Set of 2
Western Colonial Iron Barstool Red Set of 2
Heritage Turquoise Barstool with Back Set of 2
Western Colonial Iron Barstool Teal Set of 2
Leather Saddle Barstool
Western Iron Barstools 10 - Set of 2
Elizabeth Western Barstool
Fireside Lodge Barnwood 5 Foot Bar
Western Passion Barstool 106 - Set of 2
Fireside Lodge Hickory Log Barstool
Western Iron Barstools 39 - Set of 2
Ivory Linen Counter Stool - Set of 2
Charlotte Barstool Silver - Set of 2
Imperial Barstool, Natural - Set of 2
Western Iron Barstool Set of 4
Santa Fe Western Barstool
Heritage Square Barstool - Colonial Set of 2
Santana Western Barstool
Tooled Leather Bar

Tooled Leather Bar


Imperial Western Barstool Set of 2
Santa Fe Armless Barstool