Western Accent Chairs

Western chairs from our western furniture collection will bring the casual, yet refined western style everyone wants, to your mountain, ranch, cabin or rustic home. Supple leathers, multi toned cowhides and colorful fabrics are combined with richly finished woods and accents to create great custom designs that offer comfort and lasting quality. Each western chair is made to order using high quality materials by talented craftsmen. Most of our western furniture can also be customized to meet your specifications in case you require a different size, leather or just want a very unique design.

Old Hickory Tannery Boot Stitch Wingback Chair
Sahara Channelback Swivel Glider
Gaucho Curved Back Chair
Speckled Longhorn Wingback Recliner
Massoud Aged Gator Western Style Chair
Arizona Swivel Chair
Pebble Rock Lounge Chair
Railroadman's Wingback Chair
Sarahara Swivel Glider
Eleanor Rigby Plateau Wing Chair
Eleanor Rigby Regal Leather Recliner
Wooded River Burly Bourbon Western Chair
Circle Pines Swivel Glider
Sarahara Swivel Glider II
Eleanor Rigby Burke Leather Chair
Eleanor Rigby Pasadena Leather Chair
Eleanor Rigby Basil Cowhide Chair
Samson Chair and Ottoman
Colton Chair and Ottoman
Massoud Longhorn Accent Chair
Massoud Fancy Sheepskin Accent Chair
Massoud Cognac and Chocolate Accent Chair
Tahoe Lounge Chair

Tahoe Lounge Chair


Western Creek Bed Chair
Lorie Western Chair
Althea Swivel Chair
Morgan Western Chair
Bradley Western Chair
Wooded River Rambler Western Chair
Sahara Oversized Wingback
Wooded River Burly Milady Western Chair
Bronson Chair and Ottoman
Grey Rivers Lounge Chair
Allman Swivel Glider
Crimson Tufted Tallback Swivel Glider
Pacific Green Havana Palmwood Rocker
Axis Deer Western Chair
Cowhide Den Chair

Cowhide Den Chair


Old Hickory Tannery Springbok Chair
Old Hickory Tannery Accent Chair
Fireside Lodge Cedar Log Frame Lounge Chair
Fireside Lodge Cedar Log Frame Chair and a Half
Fireside Lodge Hickory Chair and a Half
Coburn Chair and a Half
Powder Mountain Swivel Glider
Pacific Green Verite Rustic Ragtime Arm Chair