Mule Deer Chandeliers

The Mule Deer received its name because of its very large ears. These very graceful creatures have a peculiar and distinctive bounding leap in which all four feet come down together. Mule Deer can be found throughout the Western United States and up into Canada. Every antler chandelier is U.L. listed in the United States and Canada for the highest safety.

We sell the finest antler chandeliers available on the market. Every antler chandelier is built with the closest attention to detail. The experienced artists and craftsmen have built some of the largest and most unique antler chandeliers in the world. Each antler chandelier comes with at least 9 feet of chain, 40W bulbs and a canopy. Every antler chandelier comes in natural brown color, which is the color of the antlers when the animal sheds then each spring. Sizes listed are approximate, and due to the nature of the antlers, each chandelier is one of a kind and will vary.

Mule Deer Antler  Single Tier Chandelier
Mule Deer Antler Cascade Chandelier
Mule Deer Antler Inverted Chandelier
Mule Deer Antler Oblong Inverted Chandelier