Cowhide Rugs

Natural hide rugs add warmth to your western decor as well as a modern or traditional interior. The unique beauty of cowhides and other natural hides offer a myriad of tones and patterns that can pull your room together. Our cowhide rugs, natural hide and exotic hide rugs will be the focal point of any setting.

Cowhide Patchwork Rugs
Our designers have taken natural cowhide and created spectacular patchwork hide rugs in an array of patterns, tones, sizes and shapes, including, round. A lot of handwork is involved in making these hair on hide patchwork rugs and they are truly works of art.

Natural Hides
Use as western rugs or wall hangings, natural hides are a versatile decorating accessory. Choose from cowhide, each with unique markings, and beautiful axis deer hide.

Brindle Natural Cowhide Rug
Black and White Cowhide Rug
Tri-Color Exotic Cowhide Rug
Salt & Pepper Cowhide Rug
Hair on Hide Patchwork Rug 30001
Hair on Hide Patchwork Rug 10009
Hair on Hide Patchwork Rug 10120
Hair on Hide Patchwork Rug 10001