Cowhide Chairs

Unique Western cowhide chairs each have their own personality. Our chairs are made to order with high quality materials by talented craftsmen. Most can be customized to meet your specifications for a traditional or contemporary look!

El Dorado Wingback Chair
Massoud Western Tufted Leather Wingback Chair
Wrangler Western Cowhide Swivel Glider Chair
Gaucho Western Leather Club Chair
Massoud Palomino Western Wing Chair
Massoud Longhorn Accent Chair
Coburn Club Chair

Coburn Club Chair


Coburn Swivel Glider
Broken Arrow Swivel Chair
Leather and Cowhide Western Wingback Chair
Eleanor Rigby Carte Accent Chair
Taurine Speckled Wingback Recliner
Silverton Western Club Chair
Crimson Red Overstuffed Wingback Chair
Massoud Grey Brown Brindle Western Chair
Bighorn Tufted Swivel Glider
Taurine Chaise Lounge
Taurine Tallback Swivel Glider
Massoud Berkshire Bourbon Accent Chair
Bighorn Tufted Club Chair
Turquoise Trail Oversize Wing Chair
Mountain Madness Swivel Glider
Massoud Western Den Swivel Chair
Western Royalty Leather Recliner
El Dorado Oversized Wingback Chair
Hailey Oversized Wingback Chair
Cowhide Western Club Chair
Circle Pines Swivel Glider
Grey Rivers Lounge Chair
Sahara Channelback Swivel Glider
Sahara Swivel Glider
Sahara Swivel Glider II
Benton Lounge Chair
Corral Swivel Glider
Pinto Western Cowhide Recliner
Pebble Rock Lounge Chair
El Dorado Wingback Recliner
Old Hickory Tannery Tall Patched Hide Chair
Eleanor Rigby Basil Stonewood Leather Chair
Eleanor Rigby Basil Cowhide Chair
Eleanor Rigby Urban Leather Chair
Gaucho Curved Back Chair
Frontier Swivel Glider
Snowy Cowhide Swivel Glider
Ridgway Swivel Glider
Arroyo Club Chair

Arroyo Club Chair


Aspen Tufted Tallback Swivel Glider Chair