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Aden Rustic Wood Buffet

Rustic buffet created from vintage reclaimed wood planks, enhanced with distressed finishes. The color, distressing and carvings will be unique to each piece. The 4 drawer buffet also offers 2 enclosed cabinets for storage. Add character to any room with this exciting solid wood buffet.

76W x 18D x 36H

Product Information and Care
Reclaimed old solid wood planks. The wood is kiln dried. In certain climates, the wood may naturally expand or contract and may develop slight openings and cracks. These may occur in and between the joined panels of the piece but will not compromise its structural integrity. Openings and cracks are part of the products rustic nature and distress. However, if desired, these may be filled or concealed using products available at most hardware stores.

The pieces are of rustic nature with natural distress. Cracks within the wood, knots, indentations and other superficial imperfections are natural. The furniture is handmade and there are elements of that construction, like filled nail holes, that can be seen upon close inspection. They blend in with the look of the furniture and add to the rustic charm.

Each piece is rustic and hand finished and will have a consistent overall tone, light or dark. However, there are some variences in the finishes and therefore, we cannot guarantee matching from piece to piece in a collection. Grain, texture and tones will vary from piece to piece due to the nature of the wood and its hand finished processing.

To maintain the appearance of the furniture, simply dust regularly with a clean soft lint free cloth. Do not clean furniture with a damp cloth or sponge. If you feel polishing is necessary, Fiddes Supreme Wax polish is recommended. A light application only should be necessary once or twice a year. Do not use wood oil treatments, wet wash cloths, Pledge or other polishes with strong chemical compounds. If water or liquids spill on the surface, wipe immediately. Sunlight, water and humidity levels should always be considered. Never place furniture in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat for extended periods of time.

Most items ship within 2-12 weeks. If not in stock, allow 12-16 weeks. Return Policy: Sorry, no returns or exchanges.

Note Regarding Shipping of this Product. 1. You must be present at the time of delivery. 2. The goods must be opened immediately while the freight carrier is on site in order to reveal concealed damages. 3. Do not sign Bill of Lading before checking for damages. If severely damaged, do not sign, refuse. 4. Once the Bill of Lading is signed, the manufacturer and Western Passion are not responsible for freight damages. It is then the responsibility of the customer to file a claim with the shipper.
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