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Contemporary Western

This authentic brand appeals to world explorers and adventure seekers. We at Western Passion know our customers are sophisticated travelers as well and can visualize this unique furniture in a mountain home, ranch home, lake house and any decor demanding pure design, comfort and quality that you've never seen before.

Six Reasons You Will Love This Collection

1. Style. Unusual designs, inspired by Australian designer, Bruce Dowse, with incredible attention to detail.
2. Comfort. Each piece is an ergonomic masterpiece. Equal parts of art & science create orthopedically correct chairs.
3. Construction. Hand crafted using Old World Techniques, no shortcuts are taken. Galvanized wire bindings wrapped in leather provide superior strength to standard fasteners.
4. Materials. Responsibly sourced top grain leathers, Egyptian bronze, genuine goose down, high resilience foam cores, natural latex and coconut Palmwood that meet the highest quality standards.
5. Sustainability. Millions of dollars and years of research were spent in the development of Palmwood. They built the worlds only factory exclusively dedicated to working with old growth coconut pal trees. A strong and dense wood, Palmwood is kiln dried and rated harder than teak.
6. Lifestyle. You will appreciate the beauty of each piece from every angle, front, sides, back. The designs are elegant and pure with no moving parts.

Western Passion is proud to offer this collection and offer our customers the opportunity to join the exclusive group of international collectors who share an appreciation for pushing the limits of design and comfort and care about the environment.